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Soulful Sounds

Vibrational Sound Therapy

➣ Powerful vibration and tones to induced using the healing sounds of singing bowls, gongs, and chimes 


➣ Placed and played on and around the body bringing the participant into as introspective, spiritual state of being

Offering Group and Private Sound Baths

A sound bath is a lovely ceremonial immersion induced by layers of harmonic tones, will gently encourage the mind & body to release stress and worry and achieve a renewed, rested, and restored. 

Benefits of Sound Therapy

➣ Reduces Blood Pressure

➣ Decreases Heart Rate 

➣ Reduce Cortisol Levels 

➣ Increase Insulin 

➣ Elevate State of Mental Wellness

➣ Quiet the "Thinking Mind" 

➣ Become In Tune with Yourself and Your Environment


Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) is a subtle method of deep relaxation using gentle, yet rich tones and vibration to slow down the "thinking" mind, and achieve a relaxed or "normal state".


During a Vibrational Sound Therapy session the practitioner will place and play hand-hammered brass bowls on specific parts of the body allowing the mind and body to relax by simply following the layers of harmonic sounds and gentle vibrations. 




Soulful Sounds Vibrational Sound Therapy


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